Sydney Melbourne Adelaide & Slideshow

by sophiehowarthphotography

Here is a run down of the rest of the shots I took on BDO 2011. Slideshow at the end.


Oooolala Sydney was a warm Australia Day…!

the Hare Krishna’s from Iskcon Sydney kicked off the day on the Lilyworld stage and then roamed the crowd


Some nice things happen on the road. Last year I had a show with Tony Mott of our BDO photos at the Mart Gallery. I printed photographs that I felt showed reverie.

This year I gave one of the shots that I exhibited to Warren Ellis from the Dirty Three who is part of Griderman. This it the shot:Warren rang, this doesn’t happen everyday, to tell me how much the photo meant to him. It was taken at the Big Day Out in Sydney at the old showground in Moore Park. Must have been 1996. In an email exchange that followed as I emailed more on from the same day, Warren wrote:

‘thanks Sophie they’re really wonderful, as I said to you on the phone, really moving,’

Then I started to investigate my archive of Dirty Three shots..that’s for another post. You can find their music and other things here


check this one out on the BDO site

Matt and Kim got a 2nd look in on Sophie Howarth Photography blog because the camera loves them..I love this shot

Warren Ellis

And here is a wrap up slideshow…enjoy