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Gold Coast Big Day Out 2011







This was a beautiful morning we were all very quiet, taken by a deep moment before sunrise. That was a few weeks ago now, Sunday morning 23rd January. This is the start of a  wrap up of photographs I took over the Big Day Out 2011 which indeed does seem like a long time ago however I am still sleeping if off. It is quite an onslaught on the senses 6 shows in that summer heat. I joined the festival on the Gold Coast, it is such a great way to photograph jumping into a vortex and letting it take you….some very deep quiet moments took me in that expansive field of sound.


But first there was a helicopter ride to see what was going on from above, very green with a field full of stories moving around making more stories. Suprisingly the pilot felt just as sea sick as me from from circling the site ..many times. I feel that feeling looking back on these shots just now. This all meant I starting shooting the late afternoon run of bands and was at Lilyworld when Matt & Kim got going and just before that Angus and Julia Stone. Then some cowboys and happy chappy’s all over the site, MIA and Reggie Watts was about it for my Goldie snaps..enjoy













Hello space, just to finish off a little bit of Reggie Watts. Besides being someone enjoyable to watch, joyful to listen to, he’s got some funny ideas about how the pieces all stack together in this ‘ol life we’re all in right now.

Now that I’ve figured out how to ‘do’ a blog I invite you to come back and check out the next update in a couple of days..Sydney Big Day Out, 2011. Better still I’ll send it to you!

And when that isn’t enough there is always some..

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